The past two days APU has been making the 1 hr drive up to Hatchers Pass for some amazing skiing! Tracks have been great, the temperatures low, and spirits high. Both skate and classic tracks are exceptional considering the couple of inches of snow pack on the road. Surprisingly enough, no rocks or pavement are showing (with exception to one corner). 

Perfect tracks!

Dark and cold- Gretta Anderson is still pumped to get started!

Lots of car and people traffic on the trails- have to watch out :)

Our first day up there, all the town teams were out there, so I got to ski some laps with my brother who is now skiing for University of Alaska- fun, fun!!

Nothing like early season skiing in Alaska. Hopefully the snow hits town soon so we can be skiing here.!

Morgan and I high on Alaskan Life

Gretta Anderson and I at the start of the cold morning

Yesterday was Halloween, so a couple of us got dressed up for our OD... FUN FUN!

2.5 hr. Halloween Ski- ladies working hard but still having fun!

Below: Morgan, Holly, me, Kikkan and Katie getting after it :)