All four vans keeping in contact with the radios along the trek

making the most of it!

The past two days we did the trek across the western US up to Silver Star B.C for a training block before our next period of races. The skiing is amazing!! We did a two hour ski from the mountain down to Sovereign Lakes and back up and around the trails near the village today. Not once did we hit the same trails, and we probably skied one fifth of the total kilometers groomed around the area. This is what I love so much about Silver Star- it is truly a little Winter Wonderland. 

For the next week we will hit some volume and build up before we do two weeks of racing.(Silver Star Norams and then Rossland Normams) Following that I will head home for a week of family time during Christmas and then fly over to Maine for Nationals. 

Here are a few pictures from our awesome ski today-

Womans team in the "Village"

Down in Sovereign checking out the race courses.