I have been super busy this last month between school, skiing, and organizing the winter. The good news is the snow is coming, and its starting to feel like winter here in AK.

It's that time of year.... all the leaves have fallen!

Good thing I know all the trails by heart... sometimes they get hard to find!

I have been lucky to have a training partner this year that I live with, so Rosie and I have been doing lots of crazy fun stuff lately. From hiking Alyeska 3 times, to finding brown bears in the mountains, to swimming laps, to making some uniquely scary buddies on the town trails. It has been fun to switch things up and try some new things though!

Rosie and I headed for a swim

mmmm, cold sunshine!

On top during our Alyeska Adventure.

Unfortunately school has been taking up every second that I have not been out training. The good news is two of my classes I started early in the summer, so finals are coming up here next week, which means I will have them taken care of by the first week of October!! The other two classes will carry on through December though.. making some good past time on the road.

Nice view of Anchorage in the background.

Next week after finals, I will head to PC to join up with the US Team, along with lots of club teams for my final dryland camp before the season starts.

Just chasing around the Kikkan bus :)

Stay tuned for my fall/early winter plans that are quickly coming together here. Just a short update for now.

Cold mornings along the ocean trail