Finally, back to the world of racing!
Thanks Romney for the great Olympic Clogs!
For these past two weeks now, I have been recovering, getting back to training, throwing in some interval session, and digging out the Sadie Bjornsen in me. After being so sick, it was a bit hard to find, but I am finally chiseling off the layer of rust, and finding my grove again.
Family time!
It has been a special past 10 days! My parents were able to make their very first trip overseas, and came over to watch some of Erik's racing at u23's and then their first European World Cup. I got to have some quality time visiting, skiing, and soaking in some sunshine with them during my training camp in Seiser Alm, Italy! Erik has also been around, so it has been some great family time. (We were only missing Kaley). But it has meant the world to have them over here. After missing Christmas, and then getting the flu, I have been pretty homesick for the past month- so a case of "family time" has cured it all! I am now going into Sochi with some extra warm feelings in my heart, so nothing beats that!

A little taste of America that I have really been missing!
Books and sunshine.... good mix!
Loving every minute of Italy!
Enjoying some K's with my parents!
So much fun!
This past weekend of racing was exiting more many reasons. First, I got to finally race!! YES! It wasn't quite the weekend of racing I would have mapped out for myself leading into the games, but it was incredibly encouraging. By the end of the weekend, I found some good feelings, and one more week before the BIG FUN STUFF BEGINS! I am beyond stoked for my brother for making his first World Cup points, and just skiing amazing!! 
Watching Erik kill it on TV!
Surprise visit from my awesome boyfriend one day! So nice :)
Directly after the race, we hopped in vans and made out wary to Munich where we have spent a marathon day going through processing. Processing means picking up our uniforms, trying on 1000 outfits, getting our opening and closing ceremonies clothing fitted to us, and organizing everything. Organizing means packing an extra of everything to carry on the plane in case our bags don't make it, making sure we have nothing in our bags that have GMO in it (prohibited in Russia), loading all our old uniforms and stuff to leave behind in to our cargo van while we are at the games, etc. It is a long day of full blown excitement… and now exhaustion.
Opening and Closing Outfits
Erik preparing his walk for Opening Ceremonies
Tomorrow morning we are up early and heading to Sochi for the best adventures to come!