For the past two weeks I have been home in the Methow Valley training and doing construction work for my dad. It has been nice to spend some time with my parents and get some work in during this short 3 week transition period between training blocks.

I returned home from Alaska for 1 month in hopes of getting in some “real summer” but it sure appears I am in the wrong place. From what I hear Alaska is hogging all the sun. Normally I would be relieved when it rains in the Methow because it is always so warm and dry, but I am not experiencing those same feelings right now. In the past two weeks I think it has been dry maybe one or two days. Roller skiing in the rain gets old after about 1 day! Regardless, I have gotten in some good training and I have enjoyed being in the valley working out with my mom every day.

Next week I will take off for the “National Training Group” Camp in Park City, Utah. I just got an email from the coach today and looks like it will be a fun group of athletes and coaches. The schedule shows lots of rollerskiing, running, strength and a couple of time trials. Unfortunately I have been struggling with knee problems, so my activities will be a bit limited to rollerskiing, swimming, and ski walking. I leave on the 9th, so I will update when it all gets rolling in PC.

Until then.... keep up the sun dance- one of these days summer will decide to make an appearance.