I just recently returned from my second trip up to the Eagle Glacier for a week. This trip was just as fun.... but I must say much more intense. Less snow, more pink algae, and lots more cracks running across the glacier. I came into this period with a lot more training under my belt from the previous three weeks so I got to tap the tank for the last couple of days. We were lucky enough to have two sunny days the first couple of days on the glacier- so I am proud to say I got to ski in a tank top and shorts one day! We had some non APU skiers with us this trip, one of which a fellow methow valley boy, Brian Gregg. It was fun to mix it up and do some workouts with some different athletes.
Lots of kilometer, lots of klister, lots of technique work, and lots of eating and sleeping pretty much sums up my my second Eagle Glacier week.
Thanks to Erik Flora and Casey Fagerquist for the hours of hard work!

Second workout of the camp was with Holly Brooks.... that woman is speedy!

Holly pumping out some squats- keeping the strength training up while we are at the glacier.

Morning ski in the sun... doesn't get much better.

Holly Brooks, myself, and Nicole Deyong (Sun Valley skier)

APU womans team post L4 interval session.

One of the juniors on the team putting in some kilometers.

Our trip across the glacier to meet the helicopter on our way out looked a little something like this... plus snow flying everywhere!

Thanks to Alpine Air- the group waiting for our ride up to the glacier