I just recently spent the last week hanging out and training at home in the Methow. Every week after returning from the glacier APU has a recovery week where we get to do whatever type of non-specific training on our own, with no team training for the week. Erik likes to look at it as a mental and physical break throughout the periods of training. This week break is a good opportunity to either take a vacation or take advantage of getting in some good quality hours of work. After July glacier camp I opted to stay in Anchorage and work really hard for the week while enjoying doing other activities like swimming and rollerskiing with some UAA buddies. This August though, I decided to get the best of both worlds so I came home and did some work for my dad while getting in a little "vacationing" time as well. It was nice to spend some time with the family while soaking in a little heat and sun. Yesterday was record breaking for the most rain ever in Alaska.... so I think it is safe to say we don't get a whole lot of summer in AK. I am headed back to AK tonight, as we start testing week tomorrow. Time to test and asses our progress so far this summer!!

Rollerski up to the Lake- swim across the lake three times... typical methow training.