I just wanted to give a little thank you to all the people that made it possible during this last ski season. As I wrap it up and start gearing up for the next season I have had some time to think about the people that really helped out this year. With a new team, new location,new training, new races, new focuses, and new goals- there were many people that were involved to make it possible.

First- Thanks to my team. APU has one kick ass group of athletes getting it done. These guys know how to work hard and have fun, and I am happy I get to be part of it. I am going to miss some of these guys moving on, but new blood is moving in soon :)

Second- Thanks to all the coaches. Erik Flora is amazing.. I have never seen someone work so hard, be so enthusiastic, all while having a great family. That dude is amazing. Also thanks to the US coaches who I have gotten to work with in Europe for the first time this year- once again a fun, hard working group of people that love to watch where the US is progressing to now. And last thanks to all the previous coaches that have helped push me to where I am going from here.

Third- Thanks to all my equipment, gear, and product sponsors. Fischer, Salomon, Swix, E'KLAAR Headwear, and Hammer Nutrition. Making it possible to get it done!

Fourth- Thanks to all my friends and family. It always makes it that much more special when you have all the people you care about rooting and cheering you on. Thanks for all the nice notes and cheers!

Fifth- Thanks to all the fans. It was fun to see and feel all the enthusiasm in Norway for my first World Cup and then World Champs. We need to increase the awareness and enthusiasm for the sport in the US and we could make it similar here some day hopefully. But those twenty voices you hear at Nationals on the course do make it special!

Sixth- Thanks to Alaska. This place rocks for training. Glacier skiing in the summer, early snow, and amazing spring skiing. Alaska is the place to be a ski racer!

Seventh- Thanks to APU. For schooling and the ski program. You guys are the ones actually making it possible.

Eigth- And last thanks to everyone who supported and donated to me this year. I appreciate your investment in my dreams and your support in my goals.