I am trying to just write a quick blog with photos as we are waiting to take off for Russia. This past week has been a week of training, powder skiing, smiling, and good times here in Ramsau, Austria. It has been nice to break the racing up and put in some good hard training efforts.

Welcome to the American Ladies condo!!
Beautiful white mountains surrounding all the awesome ski trails distributed throughout the Ramsau valley.
North American ladies post interval session... wishing we were going for a little heli-ski trip.
enjoying the powder on my nordi-gear
An awesome post-training snack with some great bread and coffee.
Waffle time, after the good long OD
North American ladies headed out to dinner in town.
Ramsau was home to World Championships several years back, so here I am by the official logo of the Championships.
Thats all for now. Today we will make our way to the airport, and then fly to Russia tomorrow. Thursday is the city sprint in Moscow, which should be amazing! I have never been to Russia, so I am looking forward to it. Following that, Saturday and Sunday will be the distance races in Rybinsk.

Take care all!