I have just finished my first week of meeting up with the National Team, testing and training for the week. I still have one more week down here in PC, but a lot has already happened.
Doing some training along the APU Ladies. Thanks to Rob Whitney for all the photos!
First, I did some testing, which we complete every spring and fall.  Testing includes treadmill tests, strength tests, body composition tests, agility tests, checking in with the Physical Therapist, blood work, etc. Basically we assess our bodies, our strengths, our improvements, and our weaknesses. This year, I added dental into my regime, so I had one more appointment to add to the busy week. (Thanks to Funk Dental for donating your time!) Because I have been injured so much this summer, and haven't done a whole lot of max effort training, I opted out of doing the treadmill tests this fall. Otherwise, I was still able to assess all other areas for improvements etc. I saw some improvements, some weaknesses that I still have time to work on, but overall it went well.

(I am the one in the pink helmet in all these photos)

The large group on top of East Canyon.
Second, I was finishing one of my classes, taking finals this week, so I was working a lot on that as well. I took two condensed courses this year. One 4 week course, one 7 week course, and two semester classes. This means that the seven week course had the perfect landing on this busy week. Luckily I managed to get my final paper written, about "are there too many nonprofits in this day and age?". After a great deal of research and analysis, I made a decision on this question, but since it takes such a huge explanation, I will leave that up to the imagination.

Third, I had to head down to SLC for an MRI on my wrist. About five weeks ago, I fell on my bike on the wet ground and really hurt my wrist. I went into the doctor, got some x-rays and left with a cast for ten days. The doctors were really concerned I had broken my scafoid, but x-rays don't show enough, so  I waited it out for ten days to see if there was any evidence in bone growth showing explaining a break. They decided that everything looked good, so they sent me off and asked me back for a check-up right before coming to PC. Because there are so many doctors that work with US Team athletes for free down here, I waited to check up until I got here. Unfortunately an MRI showed that I do have a fracture in one of the bones in my wrist, just on the opposite side of my wrist as my Scafoid. I am going to see the specialist on Monday to find out what the deal is. I don't know what this means.... but I do know what thing for sure, it's not going to stop me!

On a positive note, training is going super well, and it has been great to mix back in with all the speedsters of the US. The SMS T2 team, Sun Valley, APU, and a few other athletes are joining the US Team, so it has made for some great workouts. The weather has been amazing, with exception to today... our first day of rain.
Some Beautiful Training!
Some great coaching here in PC. APU, US Ski Team, US Development Team... good stuff!
It also happens to be the time of year that National Nordic Foundation runs their annual Drive for 25 Fundraiser. It is a fundraiser where all the athletes of the US work together at one common goal of raising money for all the incoming athletes as well as the top athletes. By donating $25, you join the rest of the supportive community in getting one step closer to our goals. I am an ambassador this year with a goal of raising $250, so check out my page for more information. Please consider joining the force and helping the youngsters have their first races overseas as well as our world cup athletes win medals.
Sadie NNF Campaign

I also wrote up a little article about what NNF has done for me over the past years, and how US Skiing wouldn't be where it was if it weren't for the support of National Nordic Foundation and the many supporters.
Exciting Times

From here I have one more week of training here in Park City. Aside from training and testing, we have also gotten to have some team meetings. Our USSA director, Joey Caterinichio, just recently returned from Sochi, Russia, the venue for the 2014 Olympics. She gave an update on courses, the pre-olympic year World Cup- which we will attend this winter, and the transportation, etc. Exciting times for sure!!

Thanks to Rob Whitney for all the great photos!!

More soon!