What is summer in Alaska? I didn't even know it existed. I can remember about 3 total sunny weeks that I have experienced in Alaska where I break out my shorts and tank tops. That's why it's always such a miracle when the heat makes its way up here!
Mikey and Rosie enjoying some sun time at the market!

Some much needed practice in the driveway!
Some new training combinations with the sun!
While we were at our camp in Bend I kept seeing pictures from Anchorage of people skiing in shorts and sports bras and I was worried I had missed my opportunity, but sure enough- when I got back, summer was still here!
Pete Kling at Eklutna Lake

Some sweet little side rivers in the mud.
It's almost like the beach!!??
As amazing as the sun is in Alaska, it also has its challenges. I always get this feeling that when it is sunny, I have to be outside as much as possible. I want to do my training outside, eat my meals outside, do my homework outside, and do any form of activity outside.... but that doesn't work so well. You end up just falling way behind in everything besides training. So, for the first week I was what you call "a sun bum". I was biking down to the lake after dinner. I was listening to my class in the lawn outside, and I was even converting many of my gym workouts into "outside activities". After a week though, I realized summer was here to stay- so I have gotten better about being productive.
Alaskan Rodeo. My second cousins are all amazing at this. One of them is National Champ, so it was fun to gain an understanding for their mad skills! Tanner, you are impressive! Bareback! Yikes!
My past two weeks have been one of the happiest two weeks I can remember. As an athlete, your world revolves around training and health. When health goes out the door- forcing you to change your training to great degrees... your happiness walks right out as well. As much as I tried to be positive last summer- I struggled to find my joy. This summer has been different. I have learned to gain control of many of my chronic injuries, and I have started to make improvements. The combination of the sun, my gaining health, and my adventures the past few wakes have put me in a happier place than I can remember.
Sitting in the river ice bathing... oh yeah!
OUCH! Blisters :(
I have also been getting to spend some time with my young buddies. When I moved to Alaska- a family my sister had been babysitting for in Bozeman suggested I meet a good friend of hers from growing up. It has evolved into a part time babysitting job, and a second family. Johnna and Mike have two young kids that are the cutest things in the world. I started babysitting them when Reed was 3 months old and Molly was 2. Needless to say, Reed didn't like me for the first year of his life since I got to teach him how to drink out of a bottle and operate without his mother for a few hours. Three years later; they are now becoming grown up and even cuter. With all the sunshine lately, I have been having tons of fun spending time with my little buds!
Molly and Reed ripping around on their bikes
This year APU started working with a Physical Therapy Clinic that has been keeping our team operating. Like any other sport, elite skiers spend hundreds of hours a year building and beating down our bodies. We train hard, and do all we can to recover hard. In the majority of other sports, there would be a "recover team" working with elite athletes to help make sure we stay functioning. This year Advanced Physical Therapy has signed on to fulfill that position. Many of us have been working with head PT, Zuzana Rogers for the past couple of years on our own dime, as well as the masseuse, Michael Henrick. This year, the owners of APT have been so generous to start sponsoring our team. It has come at the most ideal time when little injuries have started creeping up on the majority of our team. The effect of this new sponsorship is going to be huge for our team! It will simply take professionalism one step further to allow all of us the best chance at reaching our potential! So thank you so much APT, Zuzana and Michael for getting this started!
A very generous APT owner with my World Champs bib.
Michael Henrick- the best Masseuse int he world!
My roomate, Rosie has been suffering from a little planters, so we have been getting after our adventuring on a bike. I feel like I need to start making a section in my training log, "Adventures of Sadie and Rosie". The great thing about  being on a bike is you can go anywhere. You aren't limited to lack of breaks (like roller skis), and you move pretty darn fast! Anchorage is a huge town, that has many little hidden roads and neighborhoods throughout it. It has been great to get to know some of these little secret "oasis's" and areas! We have also encountered some fun wildlife and interesting people... all parts of spending time in Anchorage!

Rosie- a proud Liberty Bell High School Honor Role Student!
Fitz- rocking her naked biking jersey!
Believe it or not- this is in Anchorage!
here moosy, moosy!
Earlier this week, we had our GALA fundraiser, which is the main fundraiser for APU as a University. The skiers are fortunate enough to be part of this, where we auction off a dinner cooked by the mens and woman's team as one of the live auction items they offer. The GALA also provides a sweet opportunity to get to know some of the people of our community. Erik and I got to hassle Mayer Dan Sullivan for a while, get to know some of the employees of Shell (one of which skid for University of Washington- who knew that ever existed?), and spend some time with my biggest supporters, the Carlile Crew. It is always fun to get all dressed up and spend some time meeting people at a Circus Olay party! Thanks APU for including us in this evening!

The scene!
Rosie, Fitz, Erik and I
Holly and I in front of a shiny Carlile truck
So after two weeks of summer in town; we are now headed up to the Glacier for the week. Weather is variable, so we will likely be back in typical summer glacier time. Some good days, some bad days, and some days you just can't see further than one foot in front of your face. It will be great to get back onto skies and log in some solid kilometers of training! I am actually looking forward to getting back on snow. We are lucky in Alaska with things always changing, you never manage to get bored!

Getting some nice color in our food!
My snazzy new running shoes- thanks Salomon! Hope it doesn't get rainy any time soon!