Today was the second day of the mini tour here in Rossland, a 5k skate. It was one RIPPIN course, a 12 minute 5k.!!! I pretty much went with the goal of going as hard as I could the entire time, knowing there was no time to conserve energy. As Erik Flora would say, "go like-a-hell". After 12 minutes of aggressive V2ing, some solid hop skating, some seriously gnarly corners, and one super steep climb- I crossed the line 5th place, only 3 seconds out of 2nd. What this means is tomorrow's handicap start is going to make for some exciting times. 

For tomorrows 10k classic, from what I have heard, Holly will go out first, I will head out second-7 seconds back, and Diggins will be close behind-12 seconds back from me. From there out, girls are packed in super tight. The first one to cross the line wins the overall tour. Should be some fun times!

Congrats to APU skiers H. Brooks and Lars for their wins!

Thanks to Rob Whitney for the pics from the race today.