I have recently finished the most exciting year of my ski career and what a year it was! Thanks to everyone for the tremendous amount of support you all have contributed that made this possible. Besides traveling and living in Europe for nearly 2 months, I made some leaps and bounds as a ski racer. Starting early November, I was on the road racing constantly throughout the US, Canada and Europe. I am guessing from November 1st to March 29th, I slept in my own bed maybe 10 times. But this is not what truly defined my year. The steps that I made as a racer is the best way to describe what seems like a five-month leave of absence from the Methow Valley.

The first couple of months of racing were a bit of a struggle for me leaving me dismayed and with little confidence. Fortunately, I was able to get back on my feet and rebuild my strength throughout January allowing me to start feeling good. When things started rolling again I managed to post some of my best race results ever, and gain an incredible amount of international race experience with top skiers from around the world. The Methow and MOD was a great place for me to start this experience providing me with the coaching and support I needed to see the big picture of what it takes to be a world class racer. Taking my sophomore year of school off to train in the hopes of making the US Olympic ski team was my original idea but after moderating this plan I was able to focus my attention towards getting the experience I could to prepare me for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

While racing in Maine for the final races of the season, I was approached by the ski coach at Alaska Pacific University (APU).  He asked me to consider continuing my undergraduate education at APU while representing its world-class ski team. I was honored by being asked to join a team of world class competitors and after much thought and deliberation with my family and MOD, I have decided to accept this offer and continue to accomplish my dream of being one of the top skiers in the world. APU has one of the top ski development teams in the country and sent three athletes to the 2010 Olympics, one of whom is Kikkan Randall.  APU’s unique class schedule allows skiers to race during the winter and take large class loads during the spring and fall terms to meet their academic requirements.

Team APU crust cruising.

The next few years will be exciting, tough and rewarding for me.  It’s a challenge I look forward to meeting.  I appreciate all the support everyone has provided over the past years and hope you will continue to follow my racing.  It has been great to have so many people behind my goals and aspirations, cheering and helping along the way.

APU selling point ;)

School starts in mid-August and racing begins Mid-November.  I will be heading up to Alaska for good near the end of June to join the team. Stay tuned for more skiing.

Typical day of training with APU.