Last week I had my first glacier camp of the summer up on Eagle Glacier. I had a bit of a delayed start this year because of injuries, but I finally got to make the trip up.

It all started a little different than usual. Weather was really crummy sunday morning, so after hanging out all afternoon down in Girdwood, Keith from Alpine Air decided to take us up the ridge as far as possible. With the facility "socked in" and windy, we planned to hike the last section that was not flyable.
Getting snowmobiled across the last section of the trek.
So after taking six trips of four athletes ten minutes up into the clouds, we were all dropped on a ridge line only about 30 minutes hike below the glacier. I have never made the hike up or down from the glacier, so it was exciting to switch things up a bit. I can't wait until the day that I have absolutely no injuries and can do that full hike!!
This picture was at 11PM on one of the nicest days... so hard to go to sleep when it's that beautiful out.
The first couple days shaped up to be a usual glacier summer camp. Cloudy, a bit rainy, and "lukewarm". It made doing my homework inside the house more appealing than usual. But day three, the sun came out. For the first time, I skid around the glacier twice a day in a pair of shorts and a sports bra. It was unreal! Made the tough training even more enjoyable than usual!

Thanks to Mike, Dylan and Erik for sweet tracks every workout!!
This camp was a bit different than usual. Nursing a back injury that is on its way out, I had to be careful to not do too much too quick. When the weather is as nice as it is, sometimes its extremely tough to say no to one more lap, and turn in. Regardless, I was able to get in some great training and bring the snow ski muscles back to life. One afternoon I decided I wanted to do something other than ski, so I found myself a "250 step" loop up the little hill behind the facility, down the snow field, and around the house. We don't have much room to move around up there off of the snow, so I was forced to make a little baby loop. After about 15 loops I started counting my steps... 251 steps! A lot more exciting than running in the pool, ill tell you that!

Now its back to two more weeks of dry land training, and then one more week on the Glacier.

Charlie Renfro and Chris Hodel came up one of the sunny afternoons and took a whole bunch of photos and video. They are working on putting together some media stuff for the APU team and managed to catch the best day of weather on the Glacier. I look forward to seeing what they put together! Thanks for many of these team photos!
Erik Flora giving us some technique advice (Chris Hodel photo)
APU Womans Elite Team (minus Kikkan. Charlie Renfro photo)